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Wainsocating Walls

Whether your home is a new build or comes with 100 years of character, endless design option ideas can help bring out the best in your space. Wainscoating is a decorative wall trim that’s centuries old and has never gone out of style, likely due to its versatility. It’s a design and type of panel that suits just about every design style. They’re are endless options of Wainscoating ideas and designs, height can vary depending on your rooms designs and the look you are trying to achieve. 

Dress up your plain- Jane walls with stylish trim that also guards against scuffs and scratches. With almost no upkeep, top it off with over 10,000 color options where you can wipe stray marks with a sponge and soapy water. Most popular areas to spruce up are entryway walls, stairs and hallways, dining area, family rooms, kids rooms and so much more. Create a focal point, go bold, enhance architectural features, keep it functional or bring on vintage charm, Wainscoating is a great idea and options are endless.